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Watch This Heroic Rugby Player Save a Sheep Stuck in Barbed Wire Fence

by Jori Ayers Sep 23, 2021

Here’s your “awe” moment of the day to make your heart swoon. No one likes to see any animal in danger or in harm’s way so what does anyone do? Drop everything to go save the animal and that’s exactly what former rugby player Nick Cummins did.

In the video, Nick turns his emergency lights on and then jumping out of the car to save a sheep whose head is stuck in a barbed-wire fence. You can see the sheep struggling to get out the fence but lands no success as it continues to try to budge itself free.

Nick manages to calm the sheep down before explaining that the sheep has caught its horns behind the wire. He carefully manages to get the sheep free without scraping the animal against the wire.

“Usually, they go into a sort of hypnotized state when you have them like this,” Nick explains as he grabs the animal by its trotters (feet). He then lifts the sheep over the fence where the sheep runs off into the field.

You can hear the sheep give off a “baa” as a form of a thank you before runs further off into the field, while Nick yells out a “you’re welcome” in return.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

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