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A Full-Sized Titanic Replica Is Under Construction in China

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by Jori Ayers May 21, 2021

If you ever wanted to experience what it would be like to travel on the Titanic (without the sinking situation, of course), here is your chance. A theme park in China is building an exact, full-sized replica of the ill-fated ocean liner as a theme park attraction.

The theme park, called Romandisea, is planning to have the Titanic 2.0 as its centerpiece. The ship is under construction and will be the same size as the original Titanic — 882 feet in length and 92 feet in width — and be an exact replica inside and out.

The ship will have banquet halls, theaters, observation decks, luxury cabins, and a swimming pool. Yahoo News explained that even the door handles are exactly the same as in the original ship. The replica will be able to house guests if they want to stay a night on the ship.

It was supposed to debut in 2019, but six years later (longer than the time it took the Titanic to be built) the ship is still under construction. The building of this ship took 23,000 tons of steel, and the total cost was one billion Chinese yuan ($153.5 million), CNN reported.

One big difference between the replica and the original: this new iteration of the Titanic will not sail. It will stay docked in a Qijiang River reservoir, which is several hundred miles from the sea.

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