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This Literal Dream Job Will Pay You to Get a Solid 9 Hours of Sleep for 100 Nights

by Eben Diskin Dec 11, 2019

The term “dream job” gets thrown around a lot, but this job literally pays you for dreaming. Wakefit, a sleep solutions company, is looking for a “Sleep Intern” to assist with a study of sleep patterns and brainstorm creative products to help people improve their sleep. The ideal candidate should be able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere and be willing to keep track of their sleep patterns for research purposes.

According to the job description, you should be someone who can “thrive in a slow paced environment, conceptualise and deliver effective strategies on how to get themselves and their team members to sleep deeper and longer.” You should also demonstrate an affinity for cozy environments, napping, and lounging.

There’s some other basic qualifications, such as “past experience sleeping in any kind of environment,” “demonstrated track record of prioritizing sleep over social media,” “attention to detail and a passion for clean bedsheets, cosy blankets and funky pajamas,” and, of course, “a completed degree in any field. A history of falling asleep during class will be counted as relevant experience.”

If chosen, you will be provided with a mattress and fitness tracker, and you must follow a strict routine that involves a restricted caffeine intake and screen time. In contrast to most “dream jobs,” Wakefit is looking for someone who spends relatively little time on social media.

The successful Sleep Intern will be paid $1,400, and should expect to “work” about nine hours per night for 100 nights.

You can apply via the official website by creatively telling Wakefit why you deserve the job.

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