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1,000 People Evacuated From Beaches Due to Greek Island Wildfire

by Alex Bresler Aug 26, 2019

On the heels of the devastating fires in the Amazon, dozens of wildfires broke out in Greece this weekend, forcing evacuations from beaches and hotels as roughly 700 firefighters were deployed across the Mediterranean nation.

The fiercest blazes tore through the island of Samos, located just under a mile off the coast of Turkey, where coastguard ships shuttled approximately 1,000 beachgoers from the island’s east coast to an indoor stadium in the nearby town of Pythagoreio. Thankfully, the fire has largely been contained, according to the fire department.

Fire danger is high in Greece during summer, increasingly so as temperatures rise due to climate change. A combination of hot, dry conditions and gale-force winds was responsible for the recent wildfire outbreak, which also affected the Peloponnese, Corfu, and parts of the mainland.

Beyond environmental factors, human negligence like disposing of lit cigarettes and barbecuing irresponsibly has been a contributing factor in Greece’s recent wildfires, reminding everyone just how important fire safety is in the heat of summer.

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