Many people say that Greta Thunberg is wise beyond her years, but maybe that’s because she was actually born in the 19th century. That’ll sound like a completely ridiculous argument, until you see this photo from 1898, depicting a girl who bears a more-than-striking resemblance to the Swedish climate activist.

The photo from 121 years ago kept in the digital archives of the University of Washington shows three children at a gold mine during the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon Territory in Canada. Greta Thunberg’s look-alike (same round face and braided hair) is one of them. When the internet got ahold of it, they developed a theory that Greta Thunberg time traveled from 1898 to 2019 to save the world.

Twitter isn’t exactly a reliable resource for information on photography, history, or time travel, but it’s certainly fun to speculate.