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Hawaii to Require Travelers to Fill Out Health Application Before Boarding Their Flight

by Tim Wenger Aug 31, 2020

The Hawaiian government is taking new steps to prevent visitors from spreading COVID-19 within its state. Beginning September 1, all visitors (regardless of if it’s trans-Pacific or inter-island) will be required to complete an online health application before boarding their flight.

Passengers will first be asked to provide their flight information and reason for travel. A health questionnaire will also be required and won’t be available until 24 hours before the flight departs. Passengers will be asked to disclose their current health status along with recent travel information and whether or not they have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms. Once through with the application, passengers will receive a unique QR code to be scanned at the airport upon arriving in Hawaii.

“I am pleased to launch this digital app which will allow our travelers to provide their required health and travel information before they arrive at the airport,” said Hawaii Governor David Ige in a statement. “It will also help us keep in contact with those who are required to be in quarantine. This is an important step in preparing to reopen our economy.”

All incoming arrivals are still subject to a 14-day quarantine, even after filling out the questionnaire. Beginning October 1, the state plans to initiate a pre-testing program that would eliminate the need to quarantine.

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