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This Luxurious Hiking Tour of Patagonia Includes a Personal Chef

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by Elisabeth Sherman Aug 11, 2022

The travel company Modern Adventure, which hosts luxury excursions in places like Mexico, Bhutan, and Morocco, has announced its latest adventure: An 11 day, 10 night hiking trip through Patagonia that costs $10,000 and features nightly meals prepared by chef William Dissen.

Dissen recently hosted a fishing excursion called Fish and Feast at Paws Up resort in Montana. Now he’s back on the travel circuit to join this epic trip through Chile and Argentina. Open to about 12 people, the trip will consist mostly of hikes through Patagonia’s mountains, fjords, forests, and valleys.

There’s no need to be an experienced hiker to join, either: Modern Adventure specifies that the daily hikes are capped at five miles each and are of “moderate” difficulty. However, hikers will be required to carry their own packs. This is a trip that travelers who want to come face-to-face with those stunning natural wonders will want to experience.

Each night, guests will settle into the lodges peppered throughout Patagonia called estancias. Here, they will experience Dissen’s meals, complete with wine pairings. Often cooked over an open fire, Dissen’s cooking style uses all locally sourced ingredients. Noted for his commitment to sustainability (Fortune magazine crowned him “Green Chef of the Year” two years in a row), Dissen will also lead guests on foraging expeditions to find ingredients for the nightly dinners.

The hike itself will include journeys to see glaciers, lagoons, and rivers in the Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine national parks, interactions with the gauchos that the Patagonia is famous for, and tracking wildlife like pumas and guanacos (a llama-like animal).

The entire itinerary, meals, and activities are planned out in advance by the Modern Adventure team. In fact, before you book, you can check out the full day-by-day itinerary here, which covers how much hiking will take place each day, what natural wonders you’ll encounter on each hike, and even information on every hotel where you’ll be lodging.

Modern Adventure often pairs experts with its trips. For instance, Enrique Sanchez, a mixologist, will accompany an upcoming trip to Oaxaca, to guide guests on a journey through Mexican mezcal.

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