In Honor of Arbor Day, Here Are 17 Photos of Amazing Trees From Around the World

by Matador Creators Apr 28, 2017

SATURDAY THE 29th is Arbor Day, the day that the world celebrates (and plants) trees. Trees are our planet’s lungs — they absorb much of the carbon dioxide that we put into the air and they release oxygen. Trees not only do a ton to keep the planet habitable for creatures like us, but they also absorb a lot of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Aside from the air we breathe, trees have provided humanity with shelter and food for millennia. Studies have shown that being around trees improves our mental health, and that cities with lots of trees are happier places.

In honor of Arbor Day, we’ve dipped into our travelstoke app and found some of the coolest spots with trees and forests in the world. Now get outside and plant a tree!

 Sonoma MountainSonoma, United StatesAfter driving round Petaluma for a good hour We finally found a hidden redwood grove hidden up a windy mountain road
#adventure #magical #california #redwoods

 Joshua Tree National ParkRiverside County, United StatesHave you ever seen trees like these???

 Cathedral GroveNanaimo F, CanadaA Douglas-fir old growth forest in Macmillan Provincial Park on the road to Tofino. There are trees over 800 years old and up to 9 meters in circumference. Awesome place for an easy stroll. #forest #naturewalk #naturephotography #hiking

 Haleakalā National ParkKula, United StatesFollow the Pipiwai Trail once you get to the end of the Hana highway. It is about a 1 mile hike that will take you to the bamboo forest. #hiking #forest #outdoors

 Sol Duc RiverPort Angeles, United States#hiking #camping #waterfalls #rainforest

 Rooster Rock State ParkCorbett, United StatesJust across Highway 30 from Latourell Falls, Rooster Rock is an under appreciated way to experience the Gorge from river-level. Good for an afternoon picnic on your way to Hood River #picnic #outdoors #columbiagorge #hiking

 Elowah FallsCascade Locks, United StatesOne of my favorite places to visit in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s best in the winter or spring when the water level is highest, like in this photo. #hiking

 Sequoia National ParkThree Rivers, United StatesYou’ll feel very small. #nationalpark #hiking #camping

 Tamarack LakeBridgeport, United StatesPracticing some astrophotography after hiking into the hoover wilderness. #travelstoke #California #tamaracklake #hiking #camping

 Sawtooth National Recreation AreaKetchum, United StatesSome amazing hiking on offer in the SNRA about 15 minutes north of Ketchum on highway 75. Look for the turn on your right. Lots of options! #hiking

 Damnation CreekKlamath, United StatesDamnation Creek Trail is a beautiful 4 mile walk through the redwoods. We went early in the morning and had some fog rolling through the trees which made the place extra special.

 Willamette National ForestDetroit, United StatesThe surrounding views of the Willamette National Forest at the Breteinbush Hot Springs Center is home to 145 acres of moss filled forests. My girlfriend and I enjoyed two days of soaking in hot mineral spring waters. These springs were bathing suit optional with an open minded community. Vegetarian food, a walking labyrinth, and a variety of wellness classes were a few of the amenities at the retreat center.
#hiking #camping #oregon #willamettenationalforest #breitenbushhotsprings

 Two Jack LakeImprovement District No. 9, Canada#hiking #lake #lakes #canada #canoeing #mountain #mountains #kayaking

 Columbia Icefield TrailheadJasper, Canada#hiking #extreme #camping #waterfall #athabascafalls #rockymountain

 Great Stone DoorCoalmont, United States#hiking #fallcolors #camping

 MatapaloSavegre, Costa Rica#hiking

 Hotel RilindjaTropojë District, AlbaniaIf you find yourself in Albania, the three day Shkodër/ Valbonë/ Theth loop trek is an absolute must. This sleepy hotel/guesthouse in Valbonë sits in a valley surrounded by farms and the towering Accursed mountains. The location makes it a perfect jump off point for the 6hr hike, over the mountains to the tiny village of Theth. The main house has solid wifi, a great restaurant and a selection of local beers as well as wine.
#albania #valbone #hiking #free-wifi

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