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Hotels Are Offering Monthly ‘Subscriptions’ to Remote Workers

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Feb 24, 2021

To say that it’s been a bad year for the hospitality industry would be an understatement. According to research by the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the pandemic set the industry back by a whopping 10 years. In the hope to recover some of their losses, hotels are offering new “subscription” programs to remote workers.

With the rise of remote work, the digital nomad community has seen an unprecedented boom. Hotels are actively trying to capitalize on the trend by offering “subscription” programs where members can hop between different properties owned by the same group.

These programs aim to offer a flat monthly fee that would grant members an unlimited stay at select properties in multiple locations. Here are some of the participating hotels and their rates:

The Freehand Hotel

Freehand Miami hotel subscriptions

Photo: Freehand Miami/Facebook

Freehand Hotels currently has various properties operating in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. Their program runs at $2,499 plus tax monthly and allows remote workers an unlimited stay at these properties plus two of the brand’s sister properties — The Generator DC and The Generator Miami. Participants in the program also get discounts on food and drinks, free WiFi, and access to the on-demand workout app Jetsweat.

Selina Colive

Selina hotel subscription

Photo: Selina/Facebook

Selina started off as a fun and chill accommodation for digital nomads in locations like Mexico, Costa Rica, and within the US. The setup was always designed with digital nomads in mind, offering coworking spaces coupled with wellness activities and social gatherings. Since late 2020, Selina stepped up the game and created a monthly subscription where people can hop around properties as often as weekly for a fixed fee where the price is based on the type of room and location, starting at $325 a month for a shared room in Latin America.

Citizen M Global Passport

citizenM hotels subscription

Photo: CitizenM/Facebook

The Dutch boutique hotel chain known for its affordable luxury is now looking to attract remote workers by offering a flat fee of $50 a night to be used for a minimum of seven nights and a maximum of 29 per month. The hotel chain is known for its modern design and cozy rooms. Citizen M has properties primarily in Europe but also the US and a few destinations in Asia. Remote workers who purchase the Global Passport subscription also get 25 percent off meals.

Banyan Tree Habitat

The “habitat” program by Banyan Tree wants to create a global home atmosphere for digital nomads. Travelers can book their stay in “units” where each unit is worth seven days. Up to four units can be purchased at one time and used to hop between properties. The more units a guest buys, the greater the savings. Unit prices start at $1,750. While the majority of the properties are in Southeast Asia, there are a few in Greece, Morocco, Mexico, and more.

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