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Hotwire Is Giving Away a $25K Luxury ‘IOU’ Trip for You and Your Entire Family

by Eben Diskin Dec 9, 2020

Health experts agree that to stay safe this winter, it’s best for everyone to stay home for the holidays. While that’s certainly a bummer, online travel site Hotwire is offering the mother of all consolation prizes. It’s giving away a $25,000 luxury “IOU” trip for the whole family, to get you excited about traveling again in the future.

The giveaway was inspired by a recent Hotwire survey that found over 80 percent of Americans are altering or canceling their holiday travel plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting travel restrictions. Even more interestingly, 28 percent said they’re delaying telling their family about their canceled plans, putting off the uncomfortable phone call until at least mid-December.

That’s why Hotwire built a “Happy Next Holidays” message generator, which creates funny messages that let your family down gently. When you generate your message you’ll be automatically entered to win the grand “IOU” luxury trip, redeemable at a domestic destination. Hotwire will cover your flights and hotel, and throw in an extra $15,580 in cash for you to spend on memorable experiences.

Nick Graham, head of Hotwire, said in a statement, “We know that this year has been tough on everyone, to say the least, and people are really feeling the stress as we head into the holiday season — a time that under normal circumstances, we reunite with family and friends from around the country. While a trip home might not be in the cards this year, we’re committed to giving travelers something to look forward to and a little comic relief in the meantime. Hotwire’s awesome deals will be there for you when you’re ready to get back out there!”

To be eligible, go to Happy Next Holiday’s website and create your “Happy Next Holidays” message, then choose your delivery method (email, text, postcard, or social media) and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win. If you win, your family will get the awesome news thanks to a flyover airplane banner straight over their home. The first 100 participants will also receive a coupon to apply toward future travel on Hotwire.

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