Photo: SnowVillage

The Ice Hotel Giving Its Visitors a Taste of Game Of Thrones

Finland Epic Stays Entertainment
by Henry Miller Jan 7, 2018

The coolest thing about ice hotels (ba-dum-tss) is that, by virtue of their material, they must be rebuilt to some extent every year. The Snowvillage hotel in Finland is one of several Scandinavian ice hotels famous for creating what is essentially a building-sized body of new modern art every year. For nearly twenty years, Snowvillage has offered guests uncommon spaces filled with individually crafted ice sculptures fitting a particular theme. For its 17th season, the hotel picked a uniquely appropriate theme: Game Of Thrones.

The hotel has partnered with HBO Nordic to bring its visitors into the world of GoT via an Iron Throne (made of ice), Braavos’ Hall of Faces, and an unnerving room where a blue-eyed White Walker hovers over you as you sleep. Kids are going to love that.

If you are looking for a taste of the Westeros life, rooms start at $200 per night. However, SnowVillage is also open to visitors daily for $18 if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

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