Above the Polar Bear by Florian Ledoux

The Amazing Images That Won the 2018 Drone Awards

by Morgane Croissant Jul 30, 2018

Drones have their detractors, and we should certainly keep these flying machines in check. But there’s no denying that they have improved the field of aerial photography — and archeology, conservation, and science — immensely. Not everyone can afford to fly around in a helicopter to get stunning shots from the sky, but just about anyone with some savings can invest in a drone and do the very same thing.

The Drone Awards allows those who have honed their skills at drone photography to submit their best shots and showcase their talent. In 2018, the Drone Awards received more than 4,400 submissions in six categories — abstract, nature, people, sport, wildlife, and urban — from amateur and professional photographers from around the world. Here are the winning photos of this year’s contest.



Abstract winner Drone Awards 2018

Weather Snake by Ovi D. Pop

Runner up

Abstract runner up Drone Awards 2018

Ice Magic by Martin Mecnarowski



Nature winner Drone Awards 2018

Mada’in Saleh by Gabriel Scanu

Runner up

Nature runner up Drone Awards 2018

Entrance to Hell by Xiaoxiao Liu



People winner Drone Awards 2018

Pilgrimage of Millions of People by Qinghua Shui

Runner up

People runner up Drone Awards 2018

Honors Day by Xiaoxiao Liu



Sport winner Drone Awards 2018

Skating Shadows by Vincent Riemersma

Runner up

Sport runner up Drone Awards 2018

El Angel by Luis Alonso Jimenez Silva



Wildlife winner Drone Awards 2018

Blacktip Shark by Adam Barker

First runner up

Runner up 1 nature Drone Awards 2018

Big Shadow by Thomas Vijayan

Second runner up

Runner up 2 wildlife Drone Awards 2018

Responsible Dady the Gharial with Babies by Dhritiman Mukherjee



Urban winner Drone Awards 2018

Assisi Over the Clouds by Francesco Cattuto

First runner up

Urban runner up 1 Drone Awards 2018

Warehouse Fire by Byron du Bois

Second runner up

Urban runner up 2 Drone Awards 2018

Ameneties by Gary Cummins

Photo of the year

Photo of the year Drone Awards 2018

Above the Polar Bear by Florian Ledoux

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