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Indonesia Plans to Offer Remote Work Visa That Lets You Stay in Bali for Up to Five Years

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by Tim Wenger Jun 7, 2022

Indonesia is launching a new five-year visa for remote workers, according to a report from Bloomberg. As part of the country’s push to lure higher-spending, longer-staying travelers to its islands, government and tourism officials believe a Bali digital nomad visa that doesn’t require renewal every 30 or 60 days is key to bringing in expats.

The country hopes to highlight its eco-tourism options and, in the case of Bali, the spiritual and wellness scenes that have made the island a top draw for expats for the past decade. While beach-goers and partiers will always be attracted to the coastal towns of Canggu, Kuta, and others, it appears the government hopes to entice those who may prefer to stay in the jungle village of Ubud, instead.

“In the past, the three S was: sun, sea, and sand. We’re moving it to serenity, spirituality, and sustainability. This way we’re getting better quality and better impact to the local economy,” says Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s tourism minister to Bloomberg Television.

When available the visa will grant a stay for up to five years in Indonesia without paying taxes, so long as the user isn’t working for a national company or otherwise making income from a business within Indonesia. The new policy will follow other countries, including Aruba and Estonia that have launched digital nomad visas intended at luring remote workers with long-term stays and tax-free status.

Indonesia currently allows fully-vaccinated travelers to visit without testing or quarantine requirements.

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