1. African Heritage House

The African Heritage House claims to be the world’s most photographed home and in my opinion, it’s quite possibly one of the most Instagrammable. With its unique pool, gorgeous grounds, and unique artifacts, it’s no wonder photographers come from afar to stay on this property.

The structure itself is an architectural masterpiece, while the rooms inside offer insights into the culture and history of various regions across the whole Africa.

The house overlooks the Nairobi National Park, where one can view wildlife from the comfort of their balcony, or check out the landscape below while enjoying a rooftop meal.

2. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is the only national park in the world that exists inside a city, making it a unique and accessible destination to explore in and of itself.

However, it’s truly the photographic opportunities of the safari experience which make it one of Nairobi’s top Instagrammable places.

At the park, you will witness some of Africa’s most to-be-seen creatures, admire the natural landscapes, and photograph the unique combination of wildlife in front of an urban city backdrop.

3. David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

The Elephant Orphanage is a top spot for visitors to Kenya’s capital. Who doesn’t love photographing baby animals eating and playing?

The orphanage is a great place to visit because they rescue and rehabilitate young elephants who have been injured or abandoned by their mothers and eventually release them back into the wild. Not only is the orphanage sustainable and ethically-operated, but they are also very active in local anti-poaching initiatives.

Though the majority of visitors watch the babies from a safe distance behind a rope, there are opportunities to sponsor an elephant. The sponsorship gives you one-on-one interaction time with your adopted baby, offering you some serious photo potential for the “gram”.

4. Anga Afrika Luxury Tents

In the quiet neighborhood of Karen, the Anga Afrika property offers guests a luxurious “glamping” experience within Nairobi’s city limits. The place has spacious tents equipped with electricity, a hot shower, and bathroom facilities, a king size bed and living area.

This is perfect for those who love unique properties and don’t want the full camping experience. Enjoy a walk through the gardens, indulge with coffee in bed or simply relax with a quiet breakfast on your private front porch — just watch out for the mischievous monkeys.

5. Giraffe Centre

The Nairobi Giraffe Centre is another ethically-operated animal sanctuary which epic photo opportunities. Originally opened to provide a safe space for the giraffes, the Centre is now one of the leading forces in giraffe conservation in the whole Kenya.

For those of us mere mortals who can’t afford a posh stay at the famous Giraffe Manor, the neighboring Giraffe Center is a great alternative for an interactive experience with the gentle giants. You can feed the giraffes from a ground level area or contemplate them from the observation deck above. If you’re lucky, you can even catch a kiss…or a photo bomb.

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