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Irish Music Students Turn Ryanair Flight Into a Seisiún With Irish Songs

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by Eben Diskin Jan 25, 2019

These travelers from London, England, to Killarney, Ireland, got a heavy dose of Irish culture even before landing. While it normally might be annoying to share a flight with people who won’t stop humming or singing under their breath, we’re pretty jealous we couldn’t experience first-hand the talents of this music class from St. Brendan’s College in Killarney, as they broke into an Irish song concert during their Ryanair flight.

The music school posted the video on YouTube, and so far it’s been viewed over 123,000 times.

They performed “Step It Out Mary,” followed by “Red is the Rose.” It wasn’t just a vocal performance, either. A few took out their instruments, and two went full Riverdance in the aisle. Far from being annoyed, passengers can be seen smiling and recording the performance with their cell phones. And Ryanair didn’t exactly flash the seatbelt sign and tell the kids to be quiet — it posted on its Twitter page praising the show.


It’s a shame the flight only last an hour and a half. We can only imagine the performance these students might have delivered on a long-haul journey.

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