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A Chilling “It”-Themed Pop-Up Bar Is Coming to Chicago

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by Eben Diskin Oct 17, 2019

Halloween is approaching, so it was only a matter of time before spooky pop-up experiences started to, well, pop up everywhere. This one is particularly terrifying, especially if you’re one of those people whose nightmares frequently involve clowns. “The Losers Club” is an It-themed pop-up bar, created by Replay Lincoln Park, an arcade bar in Chicago. The bar transports you right into the Stephen King novel, which takes place in Derry, Maine.

It pop up in Chicago

Photo: Replay Lincoln Park/Facebook

The pop-up isn’t located in Derry, but it certainly does its best Maine impression. You’ll find familiar sights from both the book and movie versions, including the abandoned house near the train yard; encounter the members of the Losers Club; and, of course, come face to face with Pennywise. There will also be a funhouse full of mirrors in the arcade bar, a popcorn machine, and events hosted throughout the month like It costume contests and trivia.

It pop up bar in chicago

Photo: Replay Lincoln Park/Facebook

You should also keep an eye out for specialty cocktails, with names like Pennywise Punch — dark and light spiced rum with passion fruit and citrus juices — and the SS Georgie, which is basically a rye Old Fashioned with a Luxardo cherry liqueur float. There are also three doors at the bar labeled “Scary, Not Scary, and Very Scary,” next to three shots with the same names. So choose wisely.

The pop-up opened on October 11 and continues through Halloween.

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