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Visitors To These Three Italian Regions Need To Register in Advance

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Photo: Eva Bocek/Shutterstock
Eben Diskin
Jun 10, 2020

A few months ago, a summer Italian vacation was completely off the table. Now, it’s all changed. The country opened its borders to European tourism earlier this month and may do so for international tourism later this summer — but it’s not without restrictions. For most destinations within Italy, you can travel freely and don’t have to fill out any paperwork, but some of the country’s most popular tourist spots are asking people to register in advance to help track and trace any potentially COVID-19 infected visitors.

Travelers to Sardinia, Basilicata, and Puglia will be required to register with local authorities and fill out a designated form revealing where they are staying and when they intend on departing.

In Puglia, 20,000 people registered their arrival within 24 hours of travel resuming on June 3, reports EuroWeekly News.

In Sardinia, you must fill out the registration form and declare that you have no COVID-19 symptoms no more than two days before you depart. Airlines and ferry companies will ask you for the registration form before boarding a ferry or airplane.

In Puglia, you must complete an online health form and email it to local health authorities in the province where you will be staying.

In Basilicata, visitors must register using an online form, which requires an Italian social security number (you can calculate it here if you don’t have one). You can also register by calling the regional health hotline.

These measures are being coupled with Italy’s new contact tracing app, Immuni, which is being trialed in four regions. Visitors are asked to download the app and record who they come into contact with.

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