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JetBlue Will Give You Free Tickets to Escape the Winter Cold, if You Can Convince Someone to Switch Cities.

by Henry Miller Mar 16, 2018

In case you haven’t heard, the weather is just miserable in Boston right now. The city is currently waiting for its fourth Nor’easter in a matter of a few weeks, which will likely dump more snow on top of the 15 inches already covering the city.

In a move that is sure to inspire hope, as well as fierce jealousy among some Bostonians, JetBlue is offering residents of both Boston and San Diego the chance to swap cities with two round-trip tickets. The catch is that Boston applicants have to convince a friendly San Diegan to give up the sunshine of Southern California for the bitter, I-can’t-feel-my-toes weather of Massachusetts.

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Surprisingly, the pleas are actually working — some San Diegans are offering to trade places for a few days, taking on the Boston cold themselves. Turns out some people find things like snow, skiing, and hot cocoa by the fire “charming.”

Additionally, JetBlue is now expanding the contest to anyone having a particularly nasty winter, as well as anyone who is willing to forgo a little sunshine for snow.

In order to enter the “Flip the Forecast” travel promo, applicants just need to share a video of themselves on Instagram explaining why they need an escape from the weather and where they want to go. Judges will grade the entries based on “creativity,” “storytelling,” and “desperation.”

To enter, tag your post with @JetBlue, #Fliptheforecast, and #contest. The promo ends on March 18th, so you better get to work if you want to see a sunny beach by the end of the month.

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