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This Company Is Looking for a Professional 5-Star Hotel Bed Tester

by Eben Diskin Nov 17, 2020

Being a professional product tester can be a dream job, but it really depends on the product. When the product is five-star luxury hotel beds, it’s hard to go wrong.

Tielle Love Luxury, a luxury linen company, is looking to hire a “five-star bed tester” to sleep in some of England’s finest hotels and report back on the experience. The all-expenses-paid gig requires you to complete five separate one-night stays in five-star hotels — yes, you get a plus one. You’ll also get $1,324 in cash and $662 for travel expenses.

Included hotels are some of the country’s most iconic, like The Savoy in London, Artist Residence in Brighton, and Grantley Hall in Ripon. Your chief responsibilities, as listed in the job posting, include “dozing, snoozing, and snuggling.”

To win this coveted role, you must fill out an application online stating why you should be considered for the job. The winner will be chosen via random number generator. The five hotel stays must be taken during 2021 on days mutually agreed upon by the tester and hotel.

In return for the free stay, you’ll be expected to review the hotel experience and submit images and content for blog posts for Tielle Love Luxury.

More information about this dream job is available online.

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