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These Luxurious Treehouses Are the Perfect Austrian Alpine Experience

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by Eben Diskin Dec 19, 2019

Staying in the Alps already means being immersed in a beautiful, natural landscape, but this treehouse cabin really takes that idea to the next level. Next to the Austrian ski town of Kitzbühel, architecture firm Peter Pilcher is building three “Tree Suites” that are elevated from the forest floor, offering guests some pretty stunning forest views.

The luxurious Tree Suites resemble traditional alpine chalets with an ultra-modern slant. Raised off the ground by an intricate wooden stilts system, they blend in very well with the surrounding landscape. The wooden lattice work also makes for some creative lighting, which filters into the bottom part of the treehouse from many angles. At night, this effect is even more striking.

Each Tree Suite ranges in size from 645 to 860 square feet, and equipped with a bedroom with glazed walls, bathroom, living room, and even a sauna for the bigger suites. A glass elevator in each of the suites will take guests to their rooms.

The Tree Suites will be part of a seven-star hotel development currently in construction.

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