Name a City and This Search Tool Will Tell You Which Books Are Set There

by Olivia Harden Apr 29, 2022

Looking for some book-themed travel inspiration? The website Crossword-Solver produced an interactive search for users to see where books are set closest to whatever zip code you choose.

While there may be cities in the United States you have yet to visit, if you’re a regular reader, you might already be familiar with the the cities that most books are set in. Crossword-Solver pulled data from Goodreads to find which cities books are most commonly set in the US.

New York and California wrestle to be the state with the most book settings, with New York winning with a slight uptick — 4,887 books for New York versus 4,505 books for California. When it comes to cities, though, New York City wins by a much larger margin with 2,609 books set in the Big Apple alone. Hollywood follows with 984 books. And Chicago has slightly fewer, with 984 books set in its city. It makes sense why Hollywood and New York placed so high on the list. These cities attract dream chasers, which makes for a great plot.

Top 10 cities where books are set

  1. New York, New York — 2,609 books
  2. Hollywood, California — 984 books
  3. Chicago, Illinois — 953 books
  4. New Orleans, Louisiana — 671 books
  5. Boston Massachusetts — 636 books
  6. Seattle, Washington — 636 books
  7. Denver, Colorado — 478 books
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada — 414 books
  9. Atlanta, Georgia — 296 books
  10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — 291 books

To find what cities in each state books are set, Crossword-Solver used location tag data from Goodreads. It then grouped locations into their respective states, calculated the total location tags for each, and then grouped them to find the city with the most location tags.

The next time you’re looking for something to read, just know your next adventure can be as close or far away as you choose.

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