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This Map Shows Where You’d Actually Have to Dig a Hole to Reach China

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by Tim Wenger Apr 18, 2018

Remember that old saying, “Dig me a hole to China?” The game just got a lot more real. If you were one of the kids who spent countless hours in the sandbox at the local park growing up, this term is everything your younger self dreamed of. An antipode is the exact opposite of a specific location on the planet, based on that location’s latitude and longitude. There’s now a website that lets you figure out the antipode of your current location, your hometown, or anywhere else that strikes your fancy.

Antipodes Map was built by Aniotech Solutions and lets users satisfy that burning desire to know what exactly is underneath their feet. If you’re in Christchurch, New Zealand, for example, the antipode to your location is A Coruña, Spain. In Doha, Qatar, the antipode is the Pitcairn Islands in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

No major US cities are antipodal with other metropolises, but many South American cities are antipodal to other major cities around the world. Beijing, China is a near antipode to Bahia Blanca, Argentina and Singapore is very nearly on the exact other side of the planet as Quito, Ecuador. In New York City, though, you’ll find yourself a bit wet upon breaking ground on the other side — the opposite location of the biggest city in the US is a few hundred miles of the southwest coast of Australia, a bit more than a stone’s throw from Perth.

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