Mapped: The Most Affordable Internet Access Around the World

Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Jan 1, 2018

For having invented the internet, the US is certainly falling behind in keeping it affordable. While the FCC’s decision to reverse federal rules protecting net neutrality could make it much more expensive to access your favorite sites, Americans are already spending more than most of Europe, Asia, and South America just to get online. A map by reveals that Americans spend $66 USD per month on average for a service that the United Nations Human Rights Council considers a basic human right. Canadians don’t fare much better, at $54.7 USD per month, but prices in India, Ukraine, Morocco, and Brazil all fall under $50 USD per month, often by double-digits.

Of course, other countries with cheap access also offer a heavily restricted internet (China), and you will have to pay over $500 USD a month to access internet in countries like Burkina Faso and Papua New Guinea.

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