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Mapped: The World's Booziest Countries

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by Henry Miller Dec 24, 2017

The holiday drinking season can be overwhelming. Drinking with your least favorite relatives is one thing, but why are copious amounts of sugar, caffeine, booze, and/or eggs so crucial to every holiday cocktail? It turns out that not every country in the world is as dedicated to alcohol as those in the West (especially Eastern Europe).

Below is an infographic revealing which countries consume the highest number of liters of alcohol per person per year. Light tan indicates 1-3 liters per person, while dark purple indicates 15-18 liters.

The top 12 “booziest countries”

Since drinking is looked down upon in Islam, it makes sense that the countries with the lowest consumption of alcohol per person are found in North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. So maybe we should spend those vacation days on a booze cleanse in Morocco or Malaysia?

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