Mapped: The Places Where You Can Drink in Public in the US

United States Maps + Infographics
by Morgane Croissant Sep 5, 2017

WHILE PEOPLE in my home country of France walk around with beer glasses purchased from the booze stand at their kids’ soccer games, the good people of North America have to deal with strict open container and public drinking laws. Except in Quebec (those Frenchies know what’s good for them), in Canada, it is illegal to have an open container of alcohol or drink alcohol in public spaces, and the same goes for most of the US states. That said, there are exceptions to the US public drinking laws that anyone who enjoys a cold one beyond the walls of their home should be aware of.

The Huffpost created the map below so that you now know where you’re allowed to take your booze out to the park for a picnic or to the sidewalk to enjoy the parade. Make sure you look at it carefully and research before you walk out with a can of lager or you might get a hefty fine and/or some jail time. Also remember that “everything in moderation” is a rule to drink by.

Drinking in public in the US: Where it is allowed, where it is banned


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