Mapped: Which States Love and Hate Athletes Taking a Knee

United States Maps + Infographics
by Ana Bulnes Sep 28, 2017

What makes someone be your soulmate? A deep understanding of each other, a feeling of natural affinity, sharing a set of values and beliefs. Loving the same things. And, yes, hating the same things too. This is at least what the guys at Hater think — this dating app will match you to users who hate the same things you do. Real love, right?

What’s really interesting about Hater is the data they have been gathering for years, which they often put together on maps to show which states hate certain things. The latest issue they have looked at? The polemic about athletes taking a knee during the national anthem. How do you feel about that? Is that feeling shared by the rest of your state? This map will give you the answer.

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