Photo: Visual Capitalist

Mapped: Where Do the World's Millionaires Live?

Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Jan 12, 2018

Now that Jeff Bezos has taken the title of richest person on Earth, it might be interesting to check out Visual Capitalist‘s map of the world’s rich people. Typical of a millionaire, Jeff Bezos lives in the United States, which hosts the most millionaires in the world (4.3 million of them); however, other nations are catching up. The number of millionaires living in China has nearly quadrupled in less than ten years and countries like Saudi Arabia and Australia have also seen more modest growth. There are fewer surprises when it comes to the cities rich people choose to live in. New York, home of Wall Street, Trump Tower, and a surging homeless population is still #1. Thank goodness for that.

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