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This Modern Cave-Like Library in China Has Stunning Sea Views

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Aug 12, 2020

A new cave-like library is being built in China’s Century Park, in the city of Haikou. The new space will offer stunning views of the South China Sea and cavernous reading nooks. The project, which is part of a larger development aimed to rejuvenate the port, is led by the Chinese architecture firm MAD. According to the company, the complex will look like “a wormhole that transcends space and time.”


Photo: MAD

The structure will be divided into two sections: the library on one side and facilities for park visitors on the other, including bike storage, showers, and toilets.

The concrete building will have curves and cavern-like spaces, along with large circular windows on the ceiling to allow for natural light. The centerpiece of the complex will be the 7,430-foot, two-floor library that will hold up to 10,000 books.


Photo: MAD

The building’s ground floor will house a cafe, reception area, office, and a VIP space. There will also be a designated tunnel-shaped reading room for children. The floor above will have a reading space with stunning sea views, and there’ll be a decorative pool on the rooftop.


Photo: MAD

In an effort to minimize clutter, all of the electrical outlets and plumbing will be built into the concrete of the structure and the sliding doors and windows will be retracted into the walls. The project is expected to be completed by 2021.

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