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Music Festival to Be Held in Chernobyl Fallout Zone This Summer

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by Eben Diskin Jun 15, 2018

The site of the world’s most famous nuclear disaster in 1986, Chernobyl has long been associated with devastation. The event was classified as a ‘level seven’ on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the highest level), and 32 years later, locals are still suffering the consequences from the radiation fallout. But, in an effort to really change its public perception, Chernobyl is hosting a summer music festival on August 31st, called Chernobyling.

Chernobyl has become popular with tourists. The idea for the festival originated with Dominik Orfanus, founder of, which organizes guided tours around the area. He observed that “tourists wanted to know about the life of a worker in Chernobyl…a festival seemed to be the best way to make this happen, and help the zone at the same time.”

Proceeds from the festival will be donated to residents of Slavutych, a town built to house nuclear power plant workers and their families, and to those affected by the original Chernobyl incident who have remained in the area.

Chernobyling will take place both at the power plant site itself, as well as in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. It will feature DJs, street art demonstrations, free shows, geocaching challenges, and a variety of bands, including rock, metal, and electronic. The festival also plans to have a moment of silence for victims of the Chernobyl disaster, encourage reflection, and offer tours by international experts.

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