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This New, Super High Observation Deck Has the Most Spectacular Views of the Italian Alps

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by Eben Diskin Sep 10, 2020

Views from peak summits in the Alps used to be reserved for serious hikers who braved intense climbs, but now, all you have to do is hop on a cable car and enjoy the vistas from this futuristic observation deck. Iceman Ötzi Peak is a new observation platform in the Italian Alps, located 10,666 feet above sea level, and it even appears to float above the peak.

Observation deck alps

Photo: AlexFilz/noa*/Facebook

Designed by architecture studio NOA, the platform was built with vertical steel slats that allow visitors to get close to the edge for completely unobstructed views. The only glass-enclosed area extends out from the platform, and marks the spot where the world’s oldest ice mummy, named Ötzi the Iceman, was discovered in 1991. The platform is supported only by a few beams underneath, giving guests the feeling that they’re floating above the mountains.

From the platform, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the snowfield of the Similaun where the mummy was discovered. You’ll also have clear views of the Giogo Alto Glacier and the watershed that forms the border between Italy and Austria, and the historic path of Transhumance.

To reach the observation deck, all you have to do is take the cable car from Maso Corto to the mountain station and the Glacier Hotel Grawand. From there, a new staircase will bring you up to the viewing platform.

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