New Zealand Is Mysteriously Disappearing Off World Maps

New Zealand News
by Marie-Louise Monnier May 2, 2018

New Zealand may be on the very edge of our distorted, Eurocentric, Mercator projection map, but that’s no excuse to remove them from maps entirely. Yet, world maps all over the world seem to be leaving out New Zealand.

The world map at the Central Park Zoo doesn’t show New Zealand; every single Starbucks map on the planet seems to ignore the country’s existence; and the New Zealand government website itself has forgotten it lived on Planet Earth. There’s even a Reddit thread dedicated to all the world maps not featuring New Zealand and it’s compiled a list of 40,000 and counting.

The simple fact that New Zealand exists should be enough to bother drawing it on world maps, but the because the entire country is bigger than the United Kingdom; has a lake (Lake Taupo) almost as big as Singapore; and is part of Zealandia, the planet’s newly-discovered (if unofficial) eighth continent, the omission is even more staggering.

But with the help of comedian Rhys Darby, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is investigating the problem. Could it be a conspiracy organized by Australia to steal New Zealand’s tourists? Or are the British trying to get rid of the All Blacks once and for all? She’s enlisted in a new campaign to #getNZonthemap to get to the heart of the matter and encourage visitors to come and vacation in this beautiful (and very real) country.

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