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A Passenger Roasted Malaysia Airlines Online Mid-Flight, and the Crew Retaliated

by Eben Diskin Nov 28, 2018

If you’re going to complain about your flight crew online, you should probably wait until after you’ve landed. Josh Cahill, a travel vlogger with 53,000 YouTube followers and 24,000 Instagram followers, often reviews his travel experiences for his audience, and this flight from Kuala Lumpur to London was no exception. In an Instagram picture posted during the flight — in which he tagged Malaysia Airlines — Cahill expressed his displeasure, calling the flight the most disappointing of the year and complaining about the unfriendly crew and “dreadful food.”

By posting the negative Instagram review in real time, however, he probably didn’t consider that the crew would actually see it and be less than impressed. According to Cahill, when the captain and crew found out about the Instagram post, they took their revenge by intentionally skipping him when passing out water and only serving him food when he promised to stop filming (which he continued doing anyway).

Although upon landing he was met by a representative for Malaysia Airlines, who apologized for the poor service, Cahill still considers this “a very humiliating experience.” He took to YouTube to air his complaints even further, and the video already has nearly 500,000 views.

H/T: The Daily Dot

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