Photo: General Mills

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods by State

United States Maps + Infographics
by Henry Miller Nov 23, 2017

It’s Turkey Day and, if you are like me, you totally forgot that you were responsible for bringing at least one dish to the family Thanksgiving dinner. But what should you bring? Luckily, General Mills made an infographic that shows the most popular Thanksgiving Day foods by state. They did this by looking at the most popular searches on recipe sites,, and between November 1st and Thanksgiving.

Is your family from Vermont? Get cracking on a butternut squash soup. North Carolina? Head to whatever grocery store is still open for a sweet potato pie. You’re in luck if you grew up in Indiana, where peanut butter cookies are all the rage. Not so much if you are from Alabama, where you can expect disownment if you don’t show up with something called “sausage balls.”

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