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You Can Rent This Chic Barcelona Apartment From ‘Killing Eve' on Airbnb

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by Dayana Aleksandrova May 28, 2020

If you haven’t had a chance to binge the latest season of Killing Eve yet, don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for you. Instead, we’ll inspire you to live in style, like Villanelle — the brilliant, cunning assassin known for her ingenious scheming and impeccable taste. While Villanelle’s character spends most of her time out, playing a game of cat and mouse with MI5 agent Eve Polastri, she occasionally retreats to a gorgeous apartment.

You can step right into the charged atmosphere of the series by renting the assassin’s stylish Art Nouveau pad on Airbnb. Tucked in a quiet street in Barcelona’s Gràcia neighborhood and just steps away from Gaudí’s iconic Casa Vicens, the apartment directly reflects the fictional character’s style with its vintage furniture and modernist interior.

Airbnb Killing Eve Barcelona hall

Photo: Airbnb

Airbnb Killing Eve Barcelona living room

Photo: Airbnb

Located inside Casa Ramos, a lavish Art Nouveau structure dating back to 1907, the space is beautifully preserved and features ornate ceilings, colorful ceramic tiles, and a retro-chic tapestry. The stained-glass windows are framed by slender columns, adding a layer of charm and whimsy.

Airbnb Killing Eve Barcelona bedroom

Photo: Airbnb

The bedroom is modern, equipped with a queen-size bed and minimalist artwork. A beautifully decorated kitchen is inviting with its cozy setup and wooden floors. The sitting area transitions to a communal space, where an elegant snow-white dining set can comfortably sit a party of eight.

Airbnb Killing Eve Barcelona dining room

Photo: Airbnb

With ample natural light, the home is airy and spacious, allowing plenty of room for Villanelle’s obsessive plotting. The apartment is only partly available for rent, as the main living quarters are inhabited by the architect Sean Carbonell Hogg, who also offers tours of the iconic space.

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