Photo: Thomas/Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Is Inviting Kids to Design the Luxury Car of the Future

by Matthew Meltzer Apr 10, 2020

Around the world, a lot of parents have all of a sudden found themselves with a new job: school teacher. And while none of them really signed up for that role, necessarily, well, nobody signed up for a lot of what’s going on right now. But if you’re looking for creative ways to fill the arts and crafts portion of the day’s lesson, an unexpected source is here to help.

Rolls-Royce, the British automaker best known for making cars only the rich and famous can afford, is inviting kids to let their imaginations run wild and design the luxury car of the future. Through its new Young Designer Competition, Rolls-Royce will be accepting drawings from children all over the world, sharing what their dream car will look like.


Photo: Thomas/Rolls-Royce

A car powered only by your family dog and a box of Froot Loops? Absolutely. A flying car that also breathes fire, like a dragon with personal TV screens? Send it in. A car with a sound-proof partition so your parents can’t threaten to turn the car around and go home when your sister pokes her finger across the imaginary line through the back seat? Pretty sure Rolls-Royce already has that, but feel free to make that line unimaginary and make it out of gold leaf.

Anything goes in this contest, a public extension of an annual competition Rolls-Royce holds at its Employees’ Family Day. The winner will get a professional rendering of their dream car. Not to imply your child’s drawing skills aren’t already reminiscent of a young M.C. Escher, but the folks at Rolls-Royce are pretty good too. If you happen to live in the United Kingdom, your child could also be eligible to win a ride to school in a Phantom for them and their best friend. Or whoever they decide is their best friend that day. Spoiler alert: It probably won’t be you, but it will give you a few extra minutes of peace and quiet once the kids are finally back in school.

You can enter your kids’ designs here, and entries must be received by May 18. So bust out the art supplies and get the creative juices flowing. While the hope for home schooling is that someday your child can afford a Rolls-Royce of their own, at least today you can get them dreaming. And maybe even getting a taste of that life for one glorious back-to-school ride.

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