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You Can Now Visit a ‘Scratching Salon’ in Zagreb, Croatia

by Tim Wenger May 20, 2019

The saying “an itch you can’t scratch” has finally met its match. Literally. In the Croatian capital of Zagreb, you can go to an actual “scratching salon,” where you’ll relax to the soothing sensation of a full-body scratching.

This month, Češkaonica, which translates to “the scratching salon” in English, opened to the public, promising to put an end to that pesky sensation — targeting those spots you can’t quite reach, and really anywhere else where you need a good scrape.

Patients can opt for a full or partial body scratch, selecting from a range of scratching instruments before being led to a private massage table. The experience is meant to be both relaxing and satisfying, easing tension throughout the body and helping patients to take a load off.

“Some clients even fall asleep, as it is so relaxing,” the salon’s owner, Ana Paradi, told Lonely Planet. According to Paradi, the nail treatment is the most popular, with nearly 90 percent of her patients opting to have fingernails dragged across their bodies. Other popular choices for scratch administration include sticks and even feathers for those who can tolerate a good tickle.

“I got this idea for a scratching parlour because I was always the one looking for kind, long-nailed souls to scratch me,” Paradi said.

A half-hour scratch treatment costs about $12, while a full hour will run you about $15. Bookings fill up on a daily basis, so if you’re in the area and looking for a good scratch, visit the salon on Avenija Dubrava in eastern Zagreb for a walk-in appointment. If you have long fingernails and a weird rasping fetish, the salon is also looking to hire scratchers to meet the increasing demand.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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