Photo: Zeabus

Self-Driving, Electric Ferries Are Coming to Norway Next Year

Norway Sustainability News
by Eben Diskin Nov 6, 2020

A zero-emission, self-driving electric ferry is coming to the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Launching next year, the ferry works like an elevator, with passengers on each side of the city’s canal able to press a button and summon the boat to pick them up.

The boat charges while it waits at the dock, can fit up to 12 passengers (including bicycles), and makes the crossing in just 60 seconds versus a 15-minute walk. In Trondheim, the autonomous, electric ferry ride will be a free service.

Since the “Zeabuz” ferries don’t have a crew, they will be equipped with cameras to scan for obstacles and a navigation system to monitor the boat’s speed and position.

zeabus ferry docked

Photo: Zeabus

Autonomous boats like the Zeabuz are considered the future of sustainable alternatives to land travel and could be used in large cities like Paris, London, and New York City. They make ferries more energy and cost-effective, and since they don’t require a crew, there’s more space for passengers.

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