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Shanghai Disneyland’s Reopening Shows What a Post-Pandemic Disney Looks Like

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by Dayana Aleksandrova May 6, 2020

After being closed for over two months, Shanghai Disneyland is set to partially reopen on May 11, offering a glimpse into what a post-pandemic Disney will look like. The announcement was made on May 6 during a company earnings conference call. This decision comes after the corporation’s successful reopening of Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel in early March.

The park, however, will not resume normal practices from next week. It will begin operation at a capacity of less than 30 percent, gradually building up to admitting 24,000 visitors a day — a fraction of its usual 80,000. Options for shopping, dining, and other recreational activities in the park will also be rolled out slowly and will be evaluated over time with input from health officials.

“We will take a phased approach with limits on attendance, using an advanced reservation and entry system, controlled guest density using social distancing and strict government required health and prevention procedures,” Walt Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek explained during the call. He added that along with strict social distancing measures, other precautions will include mandatory face masks and temperature checks, along with contact tracing via the government-issued Shanghai Health QR code, an early detection system used in China, reported Reuters.

Shanghai Disneyland first closed its doors on January 24. The decision to reopen comes alongside China’s national initiative to return to normalcy by reopening schools and businesses.

“Now, more than ever, Shanghai Disney Resort is a special place for families and fans to create joyful memories and celebrate being together once again,” said Joe Schott, Shanghai Disneyland’s president and general manager, on the company’s official blog.

As Disney has closed all its parks in the United States until further notice, fans will undoubtedly be looking to China for a glimmer of hope that they too will be able to enjoy entertainment together again soon.

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