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This Singing Roadway Is the Worst Idea Ever and It’s Driving Locals Insane

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by Tim Wenger Apr 12, 2018

Few things in life are more annoying than the noise made by rumble strips on the side of the highway, particularly for those that live near a major thoroughfare. Except maybe if those rumble strips were to sing…and unfortunately for the Dutch village of Jelsum, that’s their daily hell.

Residents of Jelsum have recently been subjected to a consistent cacophony of the same musical tones. The rumble strips on the local highway, which are meant to draw awareness to swerving drivers, instead play the anthem of the Friesland region when you drive exactly 40 miles per hour over them (faster or slower speeds make it sound muffled or distorted).

The original idea was that the roads would soothe drivers and reflect the strong local pride of the Netherlands’ Friesland region with heartwarming renditions of the area’s official anthem, as the region holds customs and a language distinct from the rest of the country. But instead, the experiment resulted in perhaps the most mind-numbing thing of all time. The sound travels to the local village, keeping residents awake at night.

Before you laugh too hard at the video above, it’s important to note that this was not the first time such an idea has been implemented. Among other singing roadways, Route 66 in New Mexico plays an only slightly out-of-tune version of “America The Beautiful”:

Residents issued a stream of complaints and thankfully, the local transit authority has decided to remove the themed rumble strips and allow residents to go back to hearing the less-intrusive sounds of normal traffic.

Looks like we should just stick to our car stereos for musical entertainment.

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