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Spain’s New 125-Foot Slide Closes in One Day After Injuries

by Tim Wenger May 13, 2019

The Spanish town of Estepona, on the Costa del Sol, thought it had found a fun way for its residents and visitors to get around. Two of the town’s streets, separated by a steep incline and previously requiring a long walkabout to move between, has been connected by a much-anticipated 125-foot slide inaugurated last Thursday.

Opening day did not go as planned, though, as multiple users reported injuries and a video circulated widely on social media showed a rider careening around a sharp curve and flying off the end of the slide onto the ground.

While The Guardian reported that more than 1,000 riders safely used the slide on Thursday, several reported injuries after slipping down the 32-34 degree gradient made of stainless steel. Photos posted by one Twitter user showed bruised arms and were accompanied by a damning review, which labeled the slide as “a piece of shit.” The user noted, “I’ve thrown myself and hurt myself everywhere, I flew 2 meters and the cops started laughing.”

Estepona’s town council, however, maintains that some of the injuries sustained on the slide were the result of improper use. “The City Council had placed indications of how the slide should be used in an appropriate manner to avoid risks,” the council said in a statement. “Among them, it is forbidden to slide lying down, and mandatory to slide seated and with the arms gathered or not to use the installation if it is being used by another person, among other recommendations.” Still, the town ordered the company who built the contraption to conduct a thorough review.

H/T: The Guardian

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