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Live and Work in St Lucia Thanks to the Island’s New Extended-Stay Program

by Olivia Harden Apr 12, 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a stunning Caribbean island, now’s the perfect opportunity. The beautiful island nation of St. Lucia is another one of many offering extended stays during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Live It” program provides travelers and remote workers with the opportunity to turn what might typically be a short vacation into an extended six-week stay (or more) to live like a local.

“In a shorter visit, travelers are limited to a few activities, but if they stay for longer, they get to roam locally, decompress from a year of lockdowns and also work remotely,” said tourism minister Hon. Dominic Fedee. “With so many things to explore safely in St Lucia paired with the demand for extended vacations, we created this immersive program so visitors can live like a local while feeling like a member of the family.”

St. Lucia

Photo: NAPA/Shutterstock

Visitors interested in the new program must fill out the free online application. If approved, the participant will be paired with an “approved Live it Island Specialist” who will guide them through flights, accommodation, island activities, and transport.

Travelers don’t need to apply for any permits or visas, and if you fall in love with the island, your tour guide will help arrange an extended stay. The country is excellently suited for remote working with available Wi-Fi all over the island.

Because of the pandemic, all travelers are required to quarantine in a designated hotel for 14 days. Once those 14 days are over, participants are free to explore the island and immerse themselves in the local culture.

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