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Steal Christmas This Year by Staying at the Grinch's Cave

by Morgane Croissant Dec 3, 2021

If the Christmas music being blasted from every supermarket’s speakers is spurring you with a rage and desire to escape the holiday season altogether, there’s a place for people like you to take shelter: the Grinch’s cave.

This year, for the first and probably last time, the Grinch is renting out his cave in Boulder, Utah. We strongly suspect the green villain and his doggo Max are going to spend the holidays in the Florida sun, but we can’t confirm.

No matter when he’ll be, the Grinch is leaving and opening his home for you to stay. Three limited stays will be available to book between December 13 and 23. Bookings open on December 3 at 12:30 EST.

Grinch's cave closet and bathroom

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Before you decide if the Grinch’s cave is the right place for you to spew all your Christmas anger, grumble at tinsel, and frown at anything that even resembles a candy cane, you can take a virtual tour of the place. And let us tell you, the Grinch’s cave is not some dingy old hole in a cliff.

The Grinch lives the high life in his spacious lair. The view from the very comfortable main bedroom is jaw-dropping, there’s a beautiful and very well stocked library complete with a wood stove, a well equipped kitchen to heat up some Who hash and Who pudding, and even an office corner so you can truly ruin Christmas by working through it like a miserable jerk.

Grinch's cave library

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Guests are encouraged to drown out the sound of holiday music by banging the keys of the Grinch’s super cool pipe organ or by hitting Max’s drums, both of which are in a place of pride in the living room.

Grinch's cave living room

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Prospective renters should know that the Grinch’s cave is far away from it all and hard to access — that’s the only way to truly get away from the ad-nauseam Christmas cheer. Also, unsurprisingly, there’s no internet or TV in the Grinch’s cave — the risk of stumbling upon some soapy holiday movie is much too high these days.

Check out the Grinch’s digs and once you’ve made your mind, book your Christmas joy-free stay here. If you don’t manage to spend time in the villain’s lair, you can always drown your sorrow at an underground bar. It’s not the same, but it’ll have to do.

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