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Stephen King’s Maine Mansion Is About to Become a Retreat for Writers

by Eben Diskin Oct 23, 2019

You might not be too eager to put yourself in the stories of Stephen King, but now you can at least put yourself in his shoes. King’s house in Bangor, Maine, is becoming a writer’s retreat after the Bangor City Council approved an application by King to rezone the 3.27-acre property for use as a nonprofit. The house is where King and his wife Tabitha raised their three children and where the popular horror author wrote many of his most famous novels.

The house is certainly consistent with King’s work, as the spooky gate is even adorned with bats and gargoyles. The town of Bangor may be familiar to fans of King as it’s featured in many of his stories, including “IT,” “Insomnia,” and “11/22/63.”

On Facebook, King wrote, “We are in the very beginning of planning the writers’ retreat at the house next door, providing housing for up to five writers in residence at a time. The zoning change getting press coverage was the first step. We are one to two years away from an operating retreat. The archives formerly held at the University of Maine will be accessible for restricted visits by appointment only. There will not be a museum and nothing will be open to the public, but the archives will be available to researchers and scholars.”

So while the retreat isn’t up and running just yet, it sounds like plans are in full swing — and applications will surely be competitive.

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