Photo: Johnny Motley

This Weekender Bag Is a Fashionable, Functional Men's Classic

by Johnny Motley Sep 30, 2023

A handsome duffle bag broadcasts dash and pizzaz in a manner impossible with a clunky suitcase. With a sturdy duffle slung over his shoulders, a man might be forgiven for pretending he’s Rick Blaine racing for the last plane out of Casablanca, or John Wick carrying the tools of his trade down a dark street to a midnight showdown. Or maybe I watch too many pulpy movies. Either way, duffle bags are designed for nimble, lightweight travel. They’re clutch for shorter trips when you need more than a backpack but less than a suitcase. Duffles also come in handy for longer hauls, when you want the extra space but not the hassle, or cost, of a second suitcase.

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Lately, the Weekender from Stubble & Co has been my go-to for quick out-of-town adventures. Stylish, water-resistant, and well-designed, this duffle has been a boon companion on jaunts to upstate New York, beach weekends in Cape Cod, and even a half-week stint in Aruba when I had to pack as sparingly as possible. At around $215, the Weekender has been an excellent addition to my travel-gear repertoire.

Below, find the basic specs on the Stubble & Co. duffle, a couple of things I would change about it, and why I think this accessory is a bargain.

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Stubbe & Co. Weekender bag specs

stubble & co. weekender

Photo: Johnny Motley

The standard Stubble & Co. Weekender measures 55” by width, 30” by height, and 25” in depth, small enough to count as your carry-on bag on any flight. If you’re a light traveler, the bag’s 40L carrying capacity should be sufficient for your clothes, devices, and miscellanea, but for something slightly more commodious, Stubble & Co. has you covered with a 60L XL Weekender ($255). I went with the solid black color scheme, but Stubble & Co. also offers versions in navy blue, olive, and brown.

The Weekender’s case is made from British Millerain waxed canvas, similar to the water-resistant material of Barbour hunting jackets. You can rewax your Weekender every few months to keep that brand-spankin’-new veneer, but even if you don’t, the bag will still look sharp for years with proper care.

The duffle’s wide mouth allows for efficient packing and unpacking, and the robust YKK zippers won’t jam or break like cheapo zips. The exterior trolley sleeve comes in handy when you’re traveling with a suitcase and your duffle. Simply slide the trolley sleeve over the extendable handle of your roller case, and viola, the bags conjoin seamlessly.

Two more thoughtful design touches are the brass studs on the underside, a feature preventing dirt or moisture from soiling the fabric, and the leather padding on the shoulder strap for extra comfort. Inside, you’ll find a large sleeve pocket for your laptop or folders and a zip-up lateral pocket for stowing easy-to-lose accouterments like watches or cuff links.

What I like about the Stubble & Co. Weekender

Photo: Johnny Motley
Photo: Johnny Motley

When I was deciding between brands, the strongest selling point of the Stubble & Co. Weekender was its timeless, masculine design, an aesthetic reminiscent of military or maritime issue. From the high-quality canvas to the premium zippers and the brass trim, Stubble & Co.’s craftsmanship is exemplary. Experience has taught me that high-quality, durable accessories are almost always worth the extra money – in the long run, you’ll save money by not having to replace them.

The Stubble & Co. Weekender boasts a few other notable bonuses. The waxed canvas effectively repels water, so you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet if you’re caught in the rain. The large inner pocket for my laptop has been a godsend, especially when I need to write on flights or trains – no need to rearrange clothes to grab my portable workstation. The zip-up interior pocket is large enough to stash high-frequency items like my phone charger, paperback book, and sunglasses case.

What I would improve

The Stubble & Co. Weekender offers fantastic value for the price, but those with more ample budgets than my own might consider even more luxurious duffles with rich leather trim and hand-hammered copper rivets. In addition to a laptop pocket, I wouldn’t mind customized compartments for pens, cell phones, and notebooks.

If I could redesign the Stubble & Co. Weekender, I would add a touch of additional flourish to the exterior. While solid black is classic, additional trim on the canvas would make the bag more memorable. The option to monogram the bag would be another improvement Stubble & Co. could make. Finally, while Stubble & Co. offers a 2-year warranty on all their bags, most higher-end brands guarantee a lifetime warranty.

Is the Stubble and Co. Weekender worth it?

man with stubble & co. weekender

Photo: Johnny Motley

Resoundingly, yes. For well under $300, the Stubble & Co. Weekender is a steal. While not as deluxe or detailed as top-of-the-line duffles, Stubble & Co.’s Weekender nails it in terms of functionality. Plus, with the waxed canvas, leather trim, and brass hardware, the bag exudes masculine elegance. Here is a travel accessory that will see plenty of use, garner compliments, and keep you organized on the go.

As the name suggests, The Stubble & Co. Weekender is particularly well-suited for weekend warriors liable to leave town on short notice. Last-minute plans to catch a concert in another city? Maybe a Friday-Sunday bender at the beach? Leave behind the ungainly suitcase—just sling the Weekender over your shoulders and hit the road in a hurry.

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