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Study Abroad Program Gives Professionals a Second Chance at Travel

by Dayana Aleksandrova Apr 8, 2021

Sojrn, a study abroad program designed for professionals, is giving people who didn’t travel for a semester abroad in college a second chance to experience doing so.

The program is aimed at former office workers who are now remote and anyone who’s able to work from the road. “In a nutshell, we make it seamlessly easy to live abroad for a month, while continuing to work remotely at your current job,” Sojrn’s website states. During a four-week period, participants will travel with like-minded individuals and dive into immersive cultural experiences across the globe.

There are 12 locations to choose from, including Greece where participants can embark on a journey of studying ancient philosophy and discovering thousand-year-old ruins. In Italy, the focus will be on exploring wine varieties in the countryside along with the best of Rome’s art and architecture. Sojrn also offers a mental wellness program that takes place in the lush jungles of Bali as well as a month of learning Spanish in Colombia. The other destinations include Mexico, Egypt, Sweden, South Africa, France, Japan, Germany, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Argentina.

So if you missed out on a study abroad semester in college, now’s the time. The program is currently accepting applications for the various locations. Those who are interested can get on the waitlist for their respective program starting with Greece in September 2021. Prices start at $2,800 for four weeks, which includes accommodation, Wi-Fi, and curated activities. Each four-week program is referred to as a “chapter,” and each chapter accepts between 20 and 40 people, offering an easy way to build new friendships and make memories.

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