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Hedonism Is Throwing a Weeklong Party Where Everyone Only Wears Body Paint

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by Matthew Meltzer May 24, 2019

Body painting is like the ambiguous gray area between being clothed and naked. Technically, you’re not wearing any clothes, so your body is completely exposed to everyone around you. On the other hand, as Sport Illustrated showed us a few years ago, good body paint looks like clothes — though try explaining that to the police when you decide to go grocery shopping in body paint.

One place where the semantics of body paint never matter, though, is at Hedonism II. The world’s premier clothing-optional, “adult lifestyle” resort in Negril, Jamaica, has no problem with how you choose to cover your body, if at all. And this summer, it’s inviting guests to explore the world of body painting like never before at the first-ever “Bodypalooza.”

From August 13-18, guests will have a chance to be painted by some of the greatest body paint artists in the world, such as folks who’ve appeared on Body Wars and America’s Got Talent like Nick Herrera, Kaos, Vantasy, and John Neyrot, if those names mean anything to you.

For a fee they’ll dress you up in whatever painted-on creation you — or they — can imagine, which will vary by artist and complexity of design. The artists will also be competing to see who can create the best human paint jobs, so you’ll be able to marvel at some “outfits” that look like they just stepped off the runway.

As with every week at Hedonism, there’ll also be theme nights. But this time around you’ll be painting your costumes instead of wearing them. Themes will include superheroes versus villains; fantasy carnival; fetish; and ‘70s/‘80s rock star. Though if you’re trying to look like Tommy Lee, there’s probably not enough paint in the world for that.

Guests will be able to paint each other, if they’re so inclined, competing in their own nightly contest to see who the best amateur artist is. Playmates and models will also be on hand as human canvases, though definitely check and make sure your partner is okay with that before you start painting them.

Can’t paint your laundry room, much less your partner’s backside? No sweat, as the artists in residence will be offering all varieties of workshops and seminars throughout Bodypalooza, including advising couples on how to do body impressions. This will be a must-do if you’ve ever wanted to have one of those “guess how we made that” pieces hanging in your house.

“Palooza means ‘drunken gathering of friends with the goal of partying,’” said Michelle Facey, Hedonism II’s social engagement manager, and the person who dreamed this whole thing up. “I added the ‘body’ part. That seems to fit what we do here.”

If this all sounds enticing to you, it’s open for booking as we speak. And if you want to go, but can’t afford to throw down a couple grand to get paint all over your body, Hedonism is also running a simple contest on social media. Just tag two friends and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a few days for free.

So warm up your painting fingers and get ready for the craziest sort-of-naked week of your life. Just make sure to shower well before you put on any of your civilian clothes.

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