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'The Crown' Costumes on Display in London Until the End of the Month

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by Aryana Azari Dec 4, 2018

Netflix may be giving the axe to shows left and right, but The Crown seems like it’s sticking around for the long haul. The show’s second season aired in 2017, and while we don’t have a premiere date for the third season yet, we have a little something to tide us over. Heal’s, a British furniture store in London, will have several costumes from the show’s latest season on display in its windows.

The Crown is a biographical drama following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It began with her assuming the throne in the early 1950s and is currently in the ‘60s. The original actors, such as Claire Foy (Elizabeth) and Matt Smith (Prince Philip), are handing the roles over to the next cast as the show chugs along into the later years of the monarchy. With Netflix ordering up to season four of the series, it’s likely the show will continue to run current.

There will be five costumes on display, such as a black and yellow evening gown worn by Jackie Kennedy (Jodi Balfour) and a blue lace and silk dress worn by the Queen (Foy). Other costumes include those of Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby); Edward VIII (Alex Jennings); and Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor (Lia Williams). The costumes are worn during pivotal moments in the season and play an important role helping tell the story.

The exhibit comes in to celebrate the release of The Crown’s second season DVD and the arrival of Heal’s annual Christmas Market. The costumes will be on display until December 27, 2018.

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