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This Tour Company Will Send You on a Trip to Greece for a Second Chance at Senior Year Festivities

by Olivia Harden May 12, 2021

Whether you were a class of 2020 senior who wants to make up for missing out on those special end-of-year festivities, or your big day is coming up in 2021, you might be wondering how you’re going to celebrate your achievement. Contiki, the tour company for travelers ages 18-35, plans to save the day by taking you on a graduates-only trip to Greece.

The second-chance senior-year trip will take place over nine days in three different islands. It’s available to any high school or college student whose graduation year falls under 2020 or 2021. Flight and ferry transportation, accommodations, professional photography, cap and gown, and at least 10 meals included.

The trip begins in Athens, where you’ll get the chance to visit the capital’s cultural and historical sites, then head to Mykonos for a “senior ditch day” summer beach party, and finally Santorini for volcanoes, red and black-sand beaches, and some graduation photos.

The price for your Grecian adventure will run you $1908 per person, but put your best promposal on TikTok (#ContikiPromposal) to run the chance to go for free. Or, get together a group of 10 friends and Contiki will comp your ticket, too. The trip is planned to start on August 14, 2021.

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