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This Town in Italy Is Switching to Silent Fireworks to Avoid Frightening Dogs

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by Eben Diskin Jul 2, 2018

While humans are used to the loud noises associated with fireworks, our canine friends don’t adjust quite as easily. Sudden loud noises can not only startle dogs and make them run away, but also cause heart problems, nausea, and panic attacks. This is especially true of dogs with sensitive hearing. Collecchio, a small town in Italy, is making fireworks more animal friendly by enacting a law that requires all fireworks in their town to be silent.

The law is an effort to reduce the stress of fireworks on pets and local wildlife, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it starts a trend. Pet owners are increasingly sensitive to the anxiety levels of their dogs, and for that reason, loud fireworks shows easily deter many dog owners from attending. Setti Fireworks, an Italian fireworks company, specializes in making customized silent fireworks.

The law does, however, raise an interesting question about the overall turnout at silent fireworks shows. While dog owners might feel more comfortable attending, will others be deterred by the silence? Although the visuals are undoubtedly the most spectacular part of a fireworks display, will the absence of sound detract from the experience? Collecchio certainly doesn’t think so.

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