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Watch: New Killer Mike Show Explores Cannabis Culture in Four Weed-Loving Cities

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by Olivia Harden Apr 6, 2022

For cannabis lovers everywhere, 4/20 is coming quickly. As dispensaries in different parts of the country where recreational cannabis is legal get ready to celebrate the industry’s favorite holiday, anyone who’s ever been interested in the culture may also be interested in a deep dive on cannabis in various cities.

Weedmaps and VICE recently announced a new original cannabis-centric docuseries, called Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike. The show is hosted by rapper and activist Killer Mike, and follows him as he explores the complexity of cannabis in America. Each episode will take a close look at an American city that’s a current epicenter (or will soon be one thanks to changing laws) for legal cannabis consumption: New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

“Tumbleweeds has been a fun show to be a part of,” Killer Mike said in a statement. “Getting a chance to smoke a plant my mom and I love, hang out and laugh with hilarious comedians, all while frequenting local businesses and art installations — you’ll never hear me complain about my job!”

After a complicated history with cannabis due to the war on drugs, the substance is now recreationally legal in 18 states and permitted for medical use in 19 more. Tumbleweeds intends to show “the power of entertainment, cannabis, and inclusivity can build community,” according to a press release. Guests on the four-episode series include comedians and celebrities like Jocelyn Chia, Napoleon Emil, Fab 5 Freddy and more — along with cannabis advocate Cherissa Jackson. The docuseries explores all parts of cannabis culture that have touched our society, from dispensaries to restaurants.

The show will premiere the first two episodes on VICE TV

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